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Time to connect, stream, scroll, and browse at 40,000 feet

We deliver unparalleled Wi-Fi bandwidth to stay connected in flight, just like at home or in the office

From email and VPN to video streaming and conferencing, Viasat ensures business applications are available while you are traveling, so important business doesn’t have to wait. Our business aviation services offer three in-flight connectivity (IFC) solutions, and the ideal service depends on your passengers’ needs and the routes you fly.


Viasat is redefining in-flight internet for business jets with our “no speed limits¹” ka波段 solution. We have removed the speed limits on our ka波段 service so you can get the same internet in flight as you do in the office and enjoy high speeds typically greater than 30 Mbps² for game-changing in-flight connectivity. See how we are “popping the lid off high-speed data”:


ka波段 solution overview


Experience capacity unleashed

How does Viasat provide connectivity that meets the big demands of today's world on the move? It's all about delivering capacity when and where it's needed most. Take a 关闭r look with Viasat's interactive application, Capacity Unleashed.


Forward-compatible technology

Viasat built a satellite system to meet demands for tomorrow’s internet experience. Today’s Viasat ka波段 equipment is made to work with future advanced satellites. As data needs grow and evolve, Viasat’s game-changing technology will provide enhanced in-flight experiences now and tomorrow with today’s solutions.

  • Every component from antenna to modem is optimized for our network.
  • The hardware you install now is forward-compatible with our next-generation network.
  • Our equipment only requires three line-replaceable units (LRUs).
  • Equipment can be placed outside of the pressurized cabin, saving luggage compartment space.
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Connect with us today by email to find out which Viasat business aviation connectivity platform is right for you. You can also try our quick five-question 解决方案仪 让你开始.

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¹ - “No speed limits” means that there is no cap set on the speed delivered to a terminal. Speeds may still be limited by terminal equipment capabilities, network and environmental conditions, 还有其他因素.

² - “Typical” speeds are the speeds a terminal should usually experience under normal network and environmental conditions. Speeds are not guaranteed and will vary.